Mekong Citizen stories and discussions

Tell My Story

“I am 47 years old now. I’ve spent 46 years living by and growing with the River. Since I relocated here last year… I miss my old village… I miss the River… I used to always row the boat along the river…”

Economic Evaluation of Hydropower Projects in the Lower Mekong Basin

The video will show how the positive vs. negative on 11 dams at the Lower Mekong Basin, presented by Apisom Intralawan.

International Day of Action for Rivers

Rivers are essential in sustaining human existence globally, and yet, everywhere, freshwater systems are being destroyed and degraded. With climate change and increasing water scarcity, it is more important than ever to protect these vital resources and the biodiversity, natural systems and way of life they support.

Tackling the Issues of Youth in the Mekong

Om Vanna: Nature can survive without us but we can’t live without nature.

The Impact is beyond My Imagination

Sreypenh said electricity is essential for her daily life in Phnom Penh. She has been supportive of hydropower development projects as she thought it would give a great benefit to increase the Cambodian economy. However, what she thought then is different to what she has seen in the community where the hydro-power development project is being developed.

Community Water Management

Why is community water management important for people living in the Mekong region?

Water Governance in Action!

This video explains how, with Oxfam’s support, our partner-Northeastern Rural Development (NRD), the government and community members are tackling the problems of illegal fishing.

The Evolution of Development: How People from Across the Mekong Region are Mapping out their Collective Future

Five countries. A vast range of ministries, government agencies, businesses, NGOs, community organizations. Hundreds of citizens. Through a landmark participatory process, Mekong Partnership for the Environment and its public participation guidelines are changing how development is done across the region.

An Hou is on the patrolling boat at Kandol Mouy Roy Deep Pool conservation zone of the Mekong River in Sambo district of Kratie province, photo by Socheata Sim/Oxfam

Commonality to Stop Illegal Fishing

“Stop them, they used illegal fishing tools.” These are the voices of community fishery members shouting louder at the illegal fishermen during the crackdown happened in one of the deep pools in the Mekong River of Pon Chea village, Sambo district where it is the habitat and spawning ground for various types of fish in the Mekong and the Great Lake in Cambodia.

Mr. Sam Sovann, executing director of Northeastern Rural Development organization explains about the geography of the Mekong River in Kratie province to staff from Oxfam and Cambodia Disabled People's Organization during a visit to Boeung Char commune.

People Living with Disabilities Speak Up

People living with Disabilities (PWD) used to be given less opportunity to speak up in meetings due to either their shyness, or because the organizers seemed to forget to involve them in any activities, according to Thae Khamkhorn, a female farmer whose livelihood depends on the Sekong River. However, it is changed now, thanks to Oxfam’s Inclusion project and concerned advocacy partners.

Our River…, Our Life…

Plans to build dams on the Salween River by the Burma government, China and Thailand threatens millions of villagers and animals that depend on the free flowing river for their living, food sources and as a vital transport link.

From Grassroots to the Boardroom

How a Mining Company and an Indigenous Community Are Working Together to Improve Development