Chindwin Perspectives

A short film about environmental issues in the Chindwin River Basin in Myanmar

SEI Asia


The Chindwin River is the biggest tributary of the Ayeyarwady River. The health of the river is important to the economic development of the region and the quality of life of its inhabitants. But with Myanmar’s rapid economic development, there are clear signs that Chindwin River Basin is already facing serious environmental and water management challenges.

Commercial mining activities in the basin have resulted in declines in water quality and chemical contamination making it dangerous for people to continue using the river for drinking, bathing or washing. Sedimentation and erosion are increasing, sometimes leading to collapse of entire sections of riverbanks that has washed down villages and forced people to relocate inland.

Dropping water levels in the dry season make it difficult for boats to travel upstream, affecting local economies heavily dependent on river transportation for the trade of goods such as rice, cooking oils, dry fish and fish paste with lower Myanmar.

The short film provides the perspectives of the people living in the Chindwin River Basin about their environmental concerns and how they act to protect the river and the livelihoods of the people who depend on the river.

The film explains the work of Chindwin Futures, a collaborative programme for river basin management in the Chindwin River Basin by SEI Asia in collaboration with various start and non-state groups of Myanmar.


Length and language: 12 mins. in Burmese with English subtitles
Narration: Karlee Johnson, SEI Asia
Filmed and edited by: Rajesh Daniel, SEI Asia
Produced by Chindwin Futures
(with the generous support of Blue Moon Fund and SEI Core Support)
Contact for more information:

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