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Mekong Citizen is a place for stories from all corners of Southeast Asia. As long as the story you'd like to tell is related to the environment, go for it. Develop the story. Ask your professors, advisors, or colleagues and friends what they think.

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If you're a more experienced journalist, you know that the people you interview are the core of your story. If you're interested in telling the story of changing agricultural practices in Isaan, find farmers to interview.

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Mekong Citizen welcomes amateur video and audio. Don't worry about making your video look the most professional. Edit it to the best of your ability, and upload it to YouTube or Vimeo.

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We want to promote your hard work. By submitting your story to Mekong Citizen using the form below, you can access a dedicated community of viewers and commenters who want to have a say in the development of the Greater Mekong. Discussion happens in all regional languages and English, and will reach university students from Kunming to Yangon.

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