Mekong Citizen stories and discussions

Mr. Sam Sovann, executing director of Northeastern Rural Development organization explains about the geography of the Mekong River in Kratie province to staff from Oxfam and Cambodia Disabled People's Organization during a visit to Boeung Char commune.

People Living with Disabilities Speak Up

People living with Disabilities (PWD) used to be given less opportunity to speak up in meetings due to either their shyness, or because the organizers seemed to forget to involve them in any activities, according to Thae Khamkhorn, a female farmer whose livelihood depends on the Sekong River. However, it is changed now, thanks to Oxfam’s Inclusion project and concerned advocacy partners.

Active and Engaged: Indigenous Women Make Their Voices Heard with Cambodian Mining Company

Women – especially indigenous women – are often the most vulnerable to the negative impacts of development projects. Socheat Penh from Mekong Partnership for the Environment shares the story of Sok Sreymom, an indigenous woman in Cambodia who is turning that vulnerability into active engagement with a mining company. MPE partner Development Partnership in Action (DPA) helps communities engage in Environmental Impact Assessment processes. And Sreymom’s community is a vivid example of how active engagement can minimize harms and improve outcomes – especially for indigenous women.

Dary’s voice: how women in Cambodia are speaking out

Damming on the Mekong could threaten lives and livelihoods. Women like Dary are becoming strong advocates for their communities' needs.

The Last Forest

We made this short film to show the world what's happening in Prey Lang forest, Stung treng Province in Northern Cambodia.

Mekong – The Delta Movie

Mekong - The Delta is a follow up film to Mekong - The Movie and explores issues affecting the lower Mekong.

Mekong – the Movie

Mekong is a one-hour documentary about the Mekong river basin, focusing on the issue of hydropower development and its impact on the lives of Mekong citizens.