Mekong Citizen stories and discussions

Mekong Fish

Mekong women farmer champions fight for the sustainability of the Mekong River

“Many people are concerned about water issues, but they forget to protect the main source of the water-the Mekong River!”

Observations from the Field (Pt 3)

Fellows share their observations from the field and their research

Observations From The Field (Pt 2)

Fellows share the observations from their research.

Observations from the Field (Pt 1)

Fellows share their observations from the field

Women of the Mekong

Kbal Romeas is one of the Cambodian villages that must relocate because of the Lower Sesan II dam. How are women in Kbal Romeas impacted by this process?

From Spectators to Partners in Change

How a diverse group of experts is strengthening public participation

Missing Water

There is less water than usual to fill the Mekong this year. Mainstream dams add to this issue, making it so even less water reaches dependent downstream communities, such as these in Vietnam.

Chindwin Perspectives

A short film about environmental issues in the Chindwin River Basin in Myanmar

Emergence of a “Green Generation” in Dawei Special Economic Zone

The Power of Youth

Dary’s voice: how women in Cambodia are speaking out

Damming on the Mekong could threaten lives and livelihoods. Women like Dary are becoming strong advocates for their communities' needs.

Distant voices: the role of local knowledge in Mekong fisheries management

A case study from Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand, shows the potential to use Local Ecological Knowledge (LEK) in tandem with GIS mapping to create more sustainable Mekong Fisheries and make river management more democratic.

Hydropower: Voices from Communities

“Hydropower – Voices from Communities” is a photovoice reflection from the communities affected by hydropower projects in the Highlands of Vietnam