Women of the Mekong

Kbal Romeas is one of the Cambodian villages that must relocate because of the Lower Sesan II dam. How are women in Kbal Romeas impacted by this process?


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The Lower Sesan II Dam is a 400 MW hydropower dam being constructed in Stung Treng province, north-east Cambodia. When complete, the dam will be 75 meters high and flood more than 30,000ha of valuable agricultural and forest land. The dam will force the resettlement of approximately 5,000 people, mostly Kavet and Khmer communities and is expected to have a dramatic effect on Mekong fisheries: a 10% drop in fisheries is expected after construction is completed and the dam activated.

The images presented above explore the perspective of women living in Kbal Romeas, one of the villages that must relocate because of the dam.  The objective of these images is to show how women are being particularly impacted by hydropower development, and how they are taking new roles to challenge the negative impacts of Hydropower Development on their communities.

To learn more about how Oxfam is working with women impacted by hydropower development in the Mekong Region, visit our webpage:

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