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A 16-year-old Karen boy, swims in the Salween River at the Myanmar-Thai border. Photo Credit: Adrees Latif/Reuters.

The plan to dam Asia’s last free-flowing international river

Mory, Thavin and Kanitha (left to right) during the youth matching Oxfam's Youth Summit on Inequality in Canada

Youth’s Power to Fight Inequality

Three young people from the Mekong region are excited to attend the upcoming Global Youth Summit on Inequality as part of the 2016 World Social Forum.


The pathways for gender equity and women’s leadership in water governance

Environmental and investment experts from around the region are working together to improve public participation in infrastructure development. The results, participants believe, could change the future of the Mekong region, Credit: Taylor Weidman, Getty Images

How One Small Group is Giving Communities the Power to Change the Future

Representatives from Governments and Civil Society Organizations around the Mekong Region are working together to improve public participation in infrastructure development. The results, participants believe, could change the future of the region.


Active and Engaged: Indigenous Women Make Their Voices Heard with Cambodian Mining Company

Women – especially indigenous women – are often the most vulnerable to the negative impacts of development projects. Socheat Penh from Mekong Partnership for the Environment shares the story of Sok Sreymom, an indigenous woman in Cambodia who is turning that vulnerability into active engagement with a mining company. MPE partner Development Partnership in Action (DPA) helps communities engage in Environmental Impact Assessment processes. And Sreymom’s community is a vivid example of how active engagement can minimize harms and improve outcomes – especially for indigenous women.

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Women and the Mekong: A Collective Voice

The ecological, social and spiritual effects of rapid hydropower dam development on indigenous communities along the Lower Mekong River has been causing concern amongst indigenous women in Cambodia.

The result of Salination and Drought - Viet Nam Delta hit with a double dose of extreme water conditions April 2016: Photo Oxfam Viet Nam

Delta’s double dose: drought and salination

This photoblog explores the effect of the drought on Vietnam's Mekong Delta.

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Mega Dams on the Thanlwin

“The Salween is one of the last great rivers of the region that has still not yet been dammed." Should the construction of mega dams, for energy export, be allowed to impact this river and the landscapes and community that surround it?


The River Guardian

In this second part of her story, watch as Chin Sokunthor of Kratie, Cambodia shares her views on such issues as pollution and hydropower on the Mekong River, and the community mobilization and solidarity which will conquer them. Video in Khmer with English subtitles.

Mekong Fish

Mekong women farmer champions fight for the sustainability of the Mekong River

“Many people are concerned about water issues, but they forget to protect the main source of the water-the Mekong River!”


Observations from the Field (Pt 3)

Fellows share their observations from the field and their research


Observations From The Field (Pt 2)

Fellows share the observations from their research.